“One problem is language.”—The Economist  2018年11月17日号に興味深い記事が載っていました。中国・清華大学は2013年-2016年のmaths & computing 分野での論文引用数が世界第一位となりましたが、社会科学系分野からは次のような嘆きが聞かれるというのです。

“And while China’s universities forge ahead in the hard-science league table, they seem less likely to triumph in the social sciences. One problem is language. All the world’s leading journals are published in English. That matters less for hard scientists, who communicate mostly in symbols, than for social scientists, who use many more words. An academic in Tsinghua’s education department says Chinese social scientists complain that their best ideas are difficult to translate. “Writing papers for English-language journals is like competing in an exam that is set by the West,” she quotes them as lamenting.”


記事全文はこちら https://www.economist.com/china/2018/11/17/tsinghua-university-may-soon-top-the-world-league-in-science-research